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The NetGear A810S Mobile Hotspot

Experience Mobile Broadband Like Never Before…

The NetGear A810S is NETGEAR’s first commercial mobile hotspot to feature support for Cat9 LTE and 3-band Carrier Aggregation, with the ability to achieve theoretical download speeds of 450+ Mbps. The NetGear A810S is not only fast but also extremely user-friendly. With a simplified touch screen interface, a long-lasting battery, and a unique jump boosting feature, The NetGear A810S is well positioned to offer you a superior mobile broadband experience like never before.


The NetGear A810S Features

  • Supports 4G LTE Cat9 to deliver astonishing download speeds
  • 802.11ac offers higher performance, reduced interference, and higher speeds than 802.11n
  • Connects up to 15 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously
  • Removable battery lasts up to 11 hours (260 hours on standby)
  • Jump Boost feature to keep your smartphone charged (Power Bank)
  • 2.4” touchscreen with data usage meter
  • Mobile App available for remote management


Blazingly Fast

Transitioning from Cat6 to Cat9 LTE connectivity means double the peak download speeds, swift application response times, reliable connectivity and a better overall user experience for buffering data-heavy programs such as multimedia and video files.


Secure And Reliable

Email and browse online knowing your Internet connection is safe and secure. The NETGEAR The NetGear A810S is designed with the latest Wi-Fi security protocols which make it more secure than many public Wi-Fi networks. Also block unwanted devices or turn on guest Wi-Fi to safely share Internet access with others for one-time, temporary use.


Shareable Wi-Fi

The NetGear A810S supports up to 15 Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously — smartphones, laptops and tablets, printers, digital cameras, game consoles, etc. You can securely share your blazing-fast Wi-Fi with friends, family and co-workers while on the go for business or pleasure.