Postpaid Internet

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5G ProPing Unlimited Plan

Everything a gamer should need! Explore Infinite G ...

KD 30.000

Postpaid Unlimited Internet 20KD

Unbeatable 5G speed. Unbeatable Price. Enjoy the i ...

KD 20.000

2 SIMS Unlimited Internet

10KD 2 SIMS Unlimited Internet . Get it online now ...

KD 10.000

5G 1TB Plan

Enjoy 30% OFF. 1TB 5G Internet at 10KD with FREE R ...

KD 10.000

5G 500GB SIM Plan

Enjoy 500GB 5G Internet with No prepayment require ...

KD 7.000

5G Unlimited Internet for Home

Get Unlimited super fast 5G internet with 2 SIM ...

KD 20.000

5G Unlimited Internet Special

Get Unlimited super-fast 5G internet with 2 SIM ...

KD 17.000